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Younger and better-educated people are more prone now to accept sex for pleasure only, without relation to love and marriage. On the other hand, as a reaction to this new individualism, normative anomie, and the weakening of family ties, some conservative and religious writers and philosophers criticize not only hedonistic eroticism, but even classical romantic, passionate love, which, they claim, should be subjugated to the quiet, conjugal love and traditional family values. A lack of privacy and overcrowded apartments have forced young couples to smooch and make love in the parks and forests.

This is fine when the weather is warm, but what they do during the winter? The Russians have an expression "In the summer the bear eats; in the winter he sucks his paw and dreams of summer. Thirty years ago, there was controversy about wearing any kind of shorts in public, including at beach resorts.

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Now walking shorts are no longer prohibited in the western regions. The attitudes of Moslems in the eastern republics are even stricter. Body exposure by Moslem women is still strictly forbidden, and violating the taboo can lead to severe punishment. In these regions, shorts even on men are considered indecent.

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Direct reference to the need for a toilet is considered impolite. Russians will just quietly disappear from a meeting or social gathering, or, at most, will simply refer to their intention to walk in a particular direction. Even young people who are dating and know each other well often make up artificial explanations before excusing themselves to find a toilet.

Part of the general breakdown of material goods and services in Russian society following the revolution includes the public restroom facilities, which are no longer free and often broken or dirty.

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Wash basins may stand idle, or may yield only a dribble of cold water. Toilet tissue is scarce; its substitutes include newspaper, magazine pages, used office papers, and even cardboard. Even the interest in improving physical fitness through better diet and exercise is only beginning, despite a long history of purported government commitment.

The Russian ambivalence toward nakedness, bodily functions, intimate hygiene, and sexuality combined with a history of heavy censorship and the contemporary lack of material resources to make the impact of these factors on everyday life and sexuality even greater. Preferred Sources of Sexual Information in Percentages: But the Communist Soviet government did not want it, and the present Russian government has no money for anything.

However, an experimental hour sex-education course for adolescents, based on a program from the Netherlands, was to have begun in eight schools in Kon , , , , , The main sources of sexual information for teenagers, therefore, are their peers and the mass media.

For adults, some medical and psychological information services are available in the larger cities. Several popular Western books have been translated, and a few have been written by Russian authors, after Sexual issues are now often discussed on television and in the newspapers. But there is neither strategy nor money to do this effectively. The main source of sexual knowledge for many people are pornographic magazines and erotic newspapers. It says little about AIDS, but gives popular information about sexuality and erotic topics.

The Russian Orthodox Church is rapidly assuming the Communist ideological mantle of sexual repression. Although a few medical efforts and the Russian Planned Parenthood helped reduce the abortion rate since considerably, teen syphilis rates increased thirty-fold, as teenage coital experience increased and began earlier. Orthodox clergy preach that they alone can provide proper sex education, and claim that Westerners are trying to exterminate Russian culture by reducing its birthrate with abortion, contraception, sexual excesses, masturbation, and homosexuality.

Sexual concerns were raised within the disciplines of medicine, history, ethnography, and anthropology. The first department of sexology was organized in the Leningrad St. Petersburg Institute for Advanced Medical Training only in Students at other medical colleges receive no sexological training at all.

Numerous medical cooperatives and profit-making centers are increasingly advertising the services of sexopathologists. The professional level of this practice is sometimes problematic. But, like many other post-Soviet voluntary organizations, it exists only on paper and serves as a cover for private commercial activities like sex shops. Somewhat more efficient is the medically oriented Soviet Sexological Association. Attwood, Lynne. The New Soviet Man and Woman: Sex-Role Socialization in the U. Bloomington, IN: University of Indiana Press.

Borisenko, K. Chervyakov, Kon, and Shapiro. Full citation not available. Engelstein, Laura.

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    Karlinsky, Simon. The Impact of the October Revolution. Duberman, M. Be discreet and you can still have a gay ol' trip to Russia. Previous Next Show Grid.

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    Previous Next Hide Grid. By Jim Mitchell. Richard Ayoade and friend Greg Davies wisely show no affection in Moscow. Anti-gay vigilante groups can be extremely violent towards their victims. It might be best to stay off Grindr in Russia. More on the Guide. Paris-Roubaix All users or "Romeos" can classify photos into five different categories: Users can set their location anywhere they want if they need to line up dates before traveling; they can also keep their location totally private. Romeos can send other people they're interested in a "footprint" which looks just like a sticker or badge with a compliment.

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