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None of these efforts resulted in any success. Nevertheless, there is a group of notable boy band members who publicly identify as gay, bisexual or queer. To read their fascinating biographies, simply click on their names:. Share on Facebook. Jump to: Retrieved from " http: Navigation menu Personal tools. Namespaces Page Discussion. The question is, which member of super junior ISN'T gay? Which JLS member is gay? Are the members of daft punk gay?

Are the members of The Scene Aesthetic Gay?

Yes, they are homosexual. All you have to do is listen to the way they sing and you'll instantly know. Which members of ftisland gay?

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None of the members of F. Island are gay. That's what I think. They probably just like sharing brotherly love. And if they were gay they wouldn't expose it.

Louis Tomlinson confesses sexuality scandal rocked One Direction | Nova

Are the band members of 3oh 3 gay? They might be but does it really matter? How many members of congress are gay? As of , there are three members of the U. House ofRepresentatives that are openly gay. Baldwin was the first openly gay person to win a non-encumbantelection, and the only such woman.

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Notably, … an openly gayRepublican has never been elected to Congress, likely a reflectionof that party's general anti-gay position. If you kiss a member of the same sex are you gay? You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same sex. Is any member of Spandau Ballet gay?

I want all of them to be!

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What band member in Owl City is gay? None of the members are gay. I cant believe you would even ask something like that! Are any members of Celtic Thunder gay? None of the members of Celtic thunder are gay!! Is any members from DBSK gay? And jaejung bisexual. Junsu i think you can see his music video for that.

Changmin and Yoochun are just some what shy. Are the members of TVXQ gay? Shipping aside, none of the members have made any kind of official statement about their orientations, and the chance of any of them ever doing so is highly unlikely at best. As far as the fans know, all of them have dated girls at one time or another, make of that what you will. Are all the members of sick of Sarah gay?

Jessie, one of the guitarists, is the only one in the band who openly confirms to be gay. The statement about the other girls is always something like "some of us are, some of us aren't". Are the members from dot dot curve gay? NO,Jayreck the former band mate has a daughter and is engaged and Spanky the only dot dot curve member remaining is gettin married to Envy his girlfriend for the past 5 years.

Are all green day members gay? The only "gay" is Billie. Well, actually he is bisexual, but half gay? Are any of the Shinee members gay? If any of the members of Shinee are gay, they have not released that information to the public. Are the band members in short stack gay? Lmfao, i dont think so but i kept on hearing andy was but 'not anymore' and shaun is going with out brooke leishman..


Are the members of blood on the dance floor gay? Dahvie Vanity is straight he only make out with Jayy Von Monroe on stage because it makes the girls go crazy. Jayy on the other hand is gay he said so in an interview share with friends Share to: Is the members of blood on the dance floor gay?

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  • Louis Tomlinson confesses sexuality scandal rocked One Direction.

Jay Von Monroe is an unknown sexual partner. Dahvie Vanity perfers the opposite sex Females.

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Are the members of The Black Keys gay? WikiAnswers cannot be sure of the sexual preference of the members of The Black Keys at this time. This matter is very personal, therefore is not open to further answers. Are any of the members of apocalyptica gay? Two are married with children and one was married for a short time. He is now divorced and I believe dating someone new.

The fourthmember is dating someone as well. None of them are gay though.

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Well, as a mad hardcore RNR fan, they are the straightest among these bands at the same age. Take That: Never Forget The Band.

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